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High Pressure Vacuum & Specialty Industrial Services

  • Tower, vessel, boiler, tank & coker cleaning
  • Sewer flushing
  • Mobile steaming
  • High pressure water blasting
  • Advanced water blasting solutions
  • Hydro-vacuum and excavation services
  • Potable water delivery
  • Wet and dry vacuum services
  • High volume pumping
  • Decoking technology
  • Exchanger and vessel cleaning applications
  • Fluid hauling and disposal
  • Sewage disposal

CEDA pioneered the automation of industrial maintenance equipment. We consistently deliver the safest and most effective pressure and vacuum services throughout Canada and the United States to help clients manage their industrial facilities. Our equipment and crews are sized to fit the customer needs. We are quickly scalable with the capacity to safely execute day-to-day jobs to full turnaround solutions.

CEDA has developed state-of-the-art industrial cleaning equipment, including automated external and internal bundle blasting, automated tank cleaning equipment and a ridged rotary lancing system.

Our custom designed Devo Tool, rotary wash head to clean small bundles, and specialized scissor lift are just a few of the unique solutions. 

CEDA’s large fleet of pressure and vacuum units have capabilities to remove a range of wet or dry materials from industrial sites including sands, hydrocarbons, sludge, cement, lime, caustics and acid, and flammable liquids (solvents).


Proven Results

One of CEDA's long-term Fort McMurray clients was looking at ways to drive down cost, shorten schedule and limit risk exposure of the personnel cleaning the cokers. Traditionally, the coke had been jackhammered from the vessels.

Through discussion and research, the team now uses high pressure lances with 30,000 PSI pumpers. This new procedure is much safer and faster, resulting in less downtime. This was possible because of the collaboration between CEDA and the client to develop the right solution.

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