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CEDA is a complete mechanical contractor, with proven capability in all trades and all specialty services.

We offer a broad spectrum of mechanical services ranging from plant maintenance and structural welding on mine sites, to specialized leak detection and mitigation. 

To service the needs of our clients, we offer more than 100,000 square feet of shop space. These facilities include space designed for welding, fabrication and structural steel erection. CEDA also offers a fleet of mobile welding trucks to service the needs of our clients directly on their sites. We have the flexibility to provide union and non-union services. 

Mechanical & Fabrication Services 

Turnaround planning and execution

CEDA has the expertise and capability to support the management of Turnaround related service offerings through the integration of mechanical services, Chemical Cleaning, Pressure & Vacuum, Instrumentation, Electrical and Specialty Mechanical services, or any combination thereof, into one complementary service offering.

Abrasive Blastings

CEDA offers abrasive blast for inspection, repairs and coatings. Abrasive blasting reduces the timeframe of cleaning during turnarounds and provides a better inspection view and better repair service for welding.

  • Internal Pipe Abrasive Blast Cleaning
  • Maintenance Turnarounds
  • Variety of abrasive medias available
  • Shot Peening
  • N.A.C.E. Level III Inspections
  • Mobile Abrasive Blasting Units and Mobile Abrasive Vacuum Units
Specialty Coatings

Coating of assets will increase life span of the asset and reduce the frequency of loss production events. Coatings include: thin film epoxy's, urethane enamels, urethane rubber, 100% solids, pipeline / underground coatings, sentho wraps, fiber glass mat, high temperature coatings and tank linings.

  • External Pipe Coatings
  • Internal Pipe Coatings
  • Painting of Mechanical Equipment
  • Lead Abatement
  • Rubber Tank Linings (3rd Party)
  • Spray Liquid Rubber
  • Tanks—Internal and External Coatings, Plural Component Application
  • Pipelines—Field Joint coating, Cleaning and Recoating
  • Abrasion Resistant Lining and Coating
  • Mobile High Volume Heaters
  • Floor Coatings and Commercial Painting

CEDA is experienced in all phases of industrial fireproofing. Application of fireproofing will lower insurance costs and decrease risks and overall cost in the event of a fire.

  • Fire Stopping
  • Industrial Fireproofing Licensed Applicator Pyrocrete 241
  • Provided Detailed Audits on Existing Fire Zone Areas for Integrity, Priority and Budgeting Purposes
  • Facilitate Planned Maintenance Strategies and Schedules
  • Provide Project Specific Contracting and Long-term Maintenance Services
  • Experienced In All Phases of Industrial Fireproofing
Insulated Removable Covers

CEDA specializes in manufacturing and installing custom-built, insulated removable covers to help the energy industry maximize production, mitigate risk and avoid costly recurring installation and removal charges of traditional insulation on mechanical systems.

  • Flanged connections covers for piping systems
  • Chemical resistant materials
  • Turbine covers
  • Muffler and exhaust system covers
  • Exchanger covers
  • Fire and heat resistant pillows
  • Valve covers
  • Kneeling pads for welding or similar applications
  • Acoustic applications for noise reduction
  • Cold applications for refrigeration
  • Personal protection
  • Hot applications (up to 2000 F)
Insulation Services

CEDA's team of insulation specialists have the specialized knowledge required for proper insulation material application and installation. CEDA provides insulation services for industrial and SAGD in situ maintenance and turnarounds as well as commercial and new construction projects.

  • Insulation and cladding for piping, boilers, ducting, vessels, tanks and all types of equipment
  • Sheet metal fabrication and installation
  • Specialized sheet metal fabrication (Shrouds, Sample bottle racks and switch box covers)
  • Wide selection of insulations for thermal, acoustic and cryogenic installations
  • Estimating and on-site project management
Welding and fabrication

Specialty pipe spool fabrication and installation in common and exotic materials facility serves clients in the oil sands market. We fabricate custom requested pressure test-headers, specialty sheet-metal orders, Inconel pipe spools, 9Cr pipe spools, and various other one of a kind made to measure items.

  • Fabrication, welding and structural steel erection (CWB certified)
  • Fully equipped fabrication shops in Fort McMurray / Fort McKay, Bonnyville and Edmonton.
  • Heavy equipment fabrication and repair
  • Pipe spool and module fabrication { ABSA Certified}
  • Stationary and mobile mining equipment assembly and maintenance
  • Heavy equipment welding repairs
  • Chassis stands, frame repair, dump body repairs and assembly
  • Shovel maintenance/Turnarounds
  • Heavy Lift teams/rigging specialists
  • 10 Ton Overhead Cranes
  • 25 Ton Overhead Crane
  • 210 Ton Crawler Yard Crane (Fort McMurray)
  • Fork lifts and other equipment
  • Mobile welding repairs
  • Fleet or Fully Equipped 1 Ton Welding Rigs
  • Picker Trucks
Exchanger services
  • Heat exchanger disassembly on site (including de-torqueing/de-tensioning)
  • Bundle extraction
  • Bundle transport (on-and-off site)
  • Laser alignment of components
  • Coordination of transport and chemical wash and blasting
  • Hydro-testing (of the bundle and components, both in shop and after final assembly)
  • Bundle, shell and component cleaning, inspection and repair (including field machining of flange surfaces and tube-sheets, tube to sheet welding, full and partial re-tube work and QA/QC services)
  • Heat exchanger reassembly (including torqueing/tensioning)

CEDA's Blind to Blind HEX Services offered involve a project managed blind-to-blind bundled extraction service, using state-of-the-art bundle extraction & cleaning technologies, which is one of the most productive combinations purpose built to repair and maintain heat exchangers in North America.

On-line Leak Repair

Repair of leaks while under pressure on valve packings, flanges, valve bonnets, heat exchanger and unions. Services include:

  • In-house engineering
  • Hydraulic Line Crimping
  • Line Freezing
  • Gel Plug Technology
  • Hot Tapping
  • Composite wrap structural repairs
Joint Integrity Services / torqueing and tensioning

Employing specialized bolting technology and automated equipment, our joint integrity program includes a robust inventory of some of the most versatile hydraulic torqueing and tensioning tools to provide clients with scheduled shutdown and daily maintenance services.

Bolting services include:

  • Tensioning Equipment for 1/2" through 4" Studs
  • Torqueing Equipment for 1/2" through 6 1/8" Studs
  • Ultrasonic Bolt Stretch Verification
Machining Services

On-site machining services are used to correct distortions, nicks and other damage points. CEDA operates a wide variety of specialized machine tools to correct common and unique faults on mechanical systems, heat exchangers and individual system components. On-Site machining services include:

  • Flange Facing
  • Laser flange face inspection and reporting
  • Reface heat exchangers
  • Cut and bevel pipe
  • Milling of pump and motor bases
  • Key-way cutting
  • Turning of shafts on rotating equipment
  • Shaft alignment services
  • Pipe cutting and beveling equipment from 1" through 48"
  • Milling equipment up to 96"
  • Turning of shafts up to 4"
  • Line Boring Services
  • MDM – Metal Disintegration Machinery for stud demolition and removal
Hydro-testing and pipe isolation services

CEDA specializes in delivering hydro-testing and pipe isolation services to clients involved in maintenance, turnaround and construction projects. Our patented tools, processes and technical services greatly reduce the test medium and subsequent labor requirements compared to traditional hydro-test methods. Tools include isolation, flange test, weld test, nozzle test and in-line tee test tools. The tools were designed to make hydro-testing and pipe isolation safer and quicker. The tools enable the hydro-testing of vessels, flanges, welds, elbows, tees and virtually any piping system within industrial facilities at higher pressures than possible with traditional equipment. To assist with hydro-testing, CEDA custom-designed and sells the SuprPump, the most reliable two stage, self-priming high pressure pump on the market. The SuprPump is made of lightweight stainless steel or aluminum, is non-corrosive and comes in 3 and 5 gallon sizes.

Click here for more information on SuprPump and CEDA's other patented hydro-testing and pipe isolation tools.
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