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Chemical Cleaning Services 

  • Boiler pre-commissioning/maintenance cleaning
  • Vapor phase degassing/decommissioning
  • In-situ exchanger pre-commissioning/maintenance cleaning
  • Exchanger bath cleaning
  • On-stream chemical injection
  • Oil flushing pre-commissioning/maintenance
  • Oxygen system pre-commissioning
  • Furnace tube foam cleaning
  • Air cooled heat exchanger foam cleaning
  • In house “pickling” and cleaning (location specific, call for details)
  • Water and glycol heating
  • Steam blowing
  • Air blowing
  • Vessel/tower/piping cleaning for commissioning/maintenance cleaning
  • In-house engineering of chemical cleaning circuits
  • Direct chemistry sales
  • 400 bbl tank rentals
  • Temporary pipe line installation and rentals
  • Chemical storage neutralization
  • Tank cleaning
  • In-house client foulants testing and analysis
  • Pressure testing 

CEDA was one of the first companies in the world to provide chemical cleaning services to industrial facilities. Chemical cleaning is the roots of CEDA; it’s where we got started as an organization and how we’ve built our footprint. With four decades of experience behind us, our team has the knowledge to tackle any chemical cleaning challenges throughout Canada and the United States.

CEDA has developed a number of procedures for chemical cleaning projects to ensure safe and efficient cleaning and to minimize environmental impact. Our chemical cleaning technologies remove residual oils, corrosion, hard water deposits and other items from process equipment without creating surface damage occasionally caused by traditional cleaning methods.

Custom planned work schedules greatly minimize interruptions to facility production and chemical formulations are carefully selected to be compatible with waste handling facilities.

We take environmental protection very seriously, with diligent planning and on-site waste treatment, which reduces disposal volume of waste products.

We operate a specialized fleet of chemical cleaning equipment. This equipment includes self-contained mobile chemical cleaning units with high volume circulation pumps, mixing tanks, heating equipment and standby pumps. We also own portable laboratory equipment, portable heat exchangers, stainless steel pumping units and foam cleaning units.


Innovative Solutions

CEDA was contracted to provide heat exchanger services, including bundle, shell and component cleaning and inspection. As traditional cleaning methods were not solving the problem, an innovative solution was needed.

To clean and repair the unit, CEDA used a combination of chemical cleaning as well as high pressure blasting and lancing. Three of CEDA’s service lines were involved in this job: chemical cleaning, pressure and vacuum and mechanical services for the unbundling, extraction, repair, testing and re-assembly.

This ‘blind-to-blind’ service was possible for three reasons: collaboration with the client, experienced people and a large scope of integrated services that CEDA was able to provide.   

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