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CEDA operates a fleet of technologically advanced pigging and decoking mobile units.

Our experienced team is focused on helping you minimize downtime, mitigate risk and avoid costly outages. Our experienced team routinely delivers the safest and most environmentally friendly pigging, decoking and descaling services to refineries, upgraders, SAGD sites, chemical plants, oil recycling plants, pipelines and related facilities throughout Canada and the United States. Our highly trained operators don’t just follow instructions - they solve problems.

Pigging & Decoking Services

  • Commissioning
  • Decoking of fired heater furnaces (cokers, vacuum units, diluent heaters, hydro-crackers)
  • Descaling of SAGD, OTSG boilers and HRSG’s
  • Descaling of sin gas coolers and salt bath heaters
  • Smart pigging capabilities
  • Pipeline pigging
  • Filtration - capable of delivering a state-of-the-art system used in Decoking and SAGD applications; this all weather system is a must in recycle applications.

Features of our mobile Pigging & Decoking units include: 

  • Mercedes-Benz 926 Engines (Tier 4 Emission)
  • Double protection spill containment
  • Emergency Shutdown Device (ESD)
  • Onboard computers
  • Self-sufficient power source
  • QC Program for all pressure-rated hoses, launchers and receivers
  • Extensive pigging program


Reducing Costs and Increasing Productivity

CEDA has worked with numerous clients to reduce time spent performing decoking services. In one instance, CEDA reduced the pigging time per furnace from more than 30 hours per unit to 18-22 hours per unit.

This resulted in a 30-40% reduction in the time the furnace was offline and a direct reduction in costs for the client. CEDA was able to do this through:

  • Progressive pigging practices for size variances throughout the units.
  • Equipment maintenance procedures to minimize downtime.
  • Technology enhancements on both CEDA designed pumper and filtration units to increase operational efficiency.
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United States: 1-346-227-1400
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