CEDA Policies for Service Providers

All companies providing services for, or on behalf of, CEDA Parent Holdings Limited, its subsidiaries and affiliates (“CEDA”), must maintain approved status against common pre-qualification criteria. One of those criteria is that each organization and individual providing services to CEDA will comply with the requirements detailed in the CEDA policies which can be downloaded from this web page. Where the listed policies make reference to employees, supplier personnel performing work will also comply, despite being independent persons and not direct employees of CEDA.

The contents of these policies are considered confidential and must not be forwarded to any third party. By filling out the form and clicking the “I accept” button, you confirm that you and your organization will keep this information confidential and will only divulge the information to members of your organization on a “need to know” basis. Furthermore, a condition of this acceptance is that you and your organization will be fully liable for, and will indemnify CEDA against, all losses of any description suffered by CEDA or any of its affiliates in relation to a breach of this obligation of confidentiality.

To accept these obligations and access the CEDA Policies for Service Providers, please enter your name and email, and click the “I accept” button, which will provide a link to a ZIP file containing the Policies. Please save and extract all the files when prompted.

Please contact us if you have any queries on this process, or the policies.

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