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Kevin Fleury

"We don’t have social license to operate unless our workers get home from work safe every day."

CEDA President & CEO,
Kevin Fleury

CEDA recognizes the reality that our employees and our clients face every day: the pressure to get the job done effectively and efficiently - so our safety practices and policies are designed with the real world in mind.

Real world safety begins and ends with people and the decisions they make every day. CEDA’s safety culture is grounded in watching out for each other, and in thinking through the life-changing consequences of letting our guard down, even for a second. A strong, true safety culture is based on shared values that invite employees to speak out about hazards, feel compelled to stop work to prevent incidents from occurring and suggest new ways to work more safely.

Safety is the bond that links the employee working in the field to the CEO’s office. Senior leadership gets out into the field for direct face-to-face discussion around safety issues. Every week we review our company-wide performance. Every month we hold a comprehensive health and safety review with all CEDA senior leadership. Most of all, even under the greatest business pressure, we see our colleagues as friends, daughters, sons, brothers, sisters, mother and fathers - our safety culture values Our People’s whole lives, both at work and at home. 

At work, our employees are the experts in what they do. CEDA strives to continually improve our safety culture by listening to our employees. For us, safety has to be head and heart, working together. We call it Live Safe Now.

Health & Safety Initiatives

We encourage a ‘You See It, You Own It’ philosophy to remind and motivate employees to take the initiative to practice safety at all times. It’s about empowering employees to take personal accountability for creating a safe workplace. 

Other initiatives designed to ensure safety is at the forefront of all of our activities include: 

  • Employee Orientation and Training
  • Employee Competency
  • Internal Assurance
  • Journey Management Processes
  • 10 Essential Safety Rules

Safety Performance Index

While we believe safety is more than a number, it’s important to track our progress as we continuously strive to make sure everyone goes home safe at the end of the day. Key performance measurements that are regularly tracked include:

  • Near Miss (NM) Frequency
  • Incident Investigation Review (Serious/Major Incidents)
  • Senior Leadership Inspections (Average per leader, per month)
  • Senior Leadership Meetings (Average per leader, per month)
  • Cultural Initiatives (Positive Safety Events, Recognitions, Accolades per month)
  • Serious Incident Frequency (SIF)
  • Motor Vehicle Incident (MVI) Frequency
  • Total Recordable Injury Frequency (TRIF)

Journey Management Strategy

Journey management is a practice where our people identify hazards they might face during each trip and implement control measures to eliminate or reduce the risk.  We believe in preventing and mitigating travel risk through preparation and the proper selection of vehicles, equipment and routes.

Coalition for a Safer 63 & 881

CEDA is also proud member of the Coalition for a Safer 63 & 881. We have taken the pledge to raise awareness of dangerous driving habits and to change those hazardous behaviors into proactive, safe driving for all employees. The goal is to make Highway 63 and Highway 881 safer for our families, friends, employees and stakeholders, many of whom travel these highways every day.

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