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CEDA’s WETA Dredge Team Wins WEDA Safety Excellence Award


We are proud to announce that the WETA Dredge team won the 2024 Western Dredging Association (WEDA) Safety Excellence Award for a Dredging Project. The team procured, engineered, redesigned, constructed, commissioned and safely delivered an operational dredge to meet the client’s needs in just over four months – 12 to 18 months sooner than the standard timeline for such a project.

“The dredge project was kicked-off quickly, making it easy for the team to overlook critical steps as they swiftly moved from one stage of the project to the next,” said Craig Nicholson, Vice President, Health, Safety & Environment for CEDA. “However, with the support of an excellent client, the team methodically worked through each step, fulfilling CEDA’s commitments. They actively promoted and protected the health and safety of the team, and performed all operations responsibly to effectively protect the environment. The team achieved this high level of success by implementing Energy Safety Canada’s Five Principles of Human and Organizational Performance.”

Darren Buffett, General Manager of Operations for CEDA, accepted the award on behalf of the team during the WEDA Dredging Summit & Expo in Tampa, Florida.

This year marks the third time CEDA has won a Safety Excellence Award for a Dredging Project.

Congratulations to the team!  

About the Award

Every year, the Western Dredging Association (WEDA) invites individual organizations or project teams to apply for the Safety Excellence Awards. Presented by the WEDA Safety Commission, this award symbolizes exceptional safety performance that exhibits a proactive approach to raising safety awareness in the dredging workplace.

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